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EAST FORCE fan are launched to market about quite some years ago and now known as reliable fan in its segment market. Facility of production is in Malaysia and Indonesia to cater the needs of region demands.

East Force fan consist of several designs where mostly used in palm oil mills industry and other general industries as well. Designs consist of forward curve, backward curve, backward inclined and limited to radial blade.

Sizes of fan vary from small to large diameter from several designs of impeller available.

We imply very careful intention in producing the fan as we know that they are used in critical parts of process line. Principal of making fans are implied and also some basic theories of mechanical as well.
As dynamic balancing roles a main part of satisfaction, we provide this facility at workshop and of course an insitu balancing machine as well.

Thus, customers satisfaction is our major concern and surely a competitive condition is also considered to emphasize that our fan will stay strong and competitive in the market.

Besides all these concerns, we also provide technicians who will always give a comprehensive back up on site whenever needed.

Technicians are equipped with sophisticated hands-on tools in order they can quickly provide correct and implicative solutions to customers.
A method of sharing information, experiences, know-how, mutual understanding and sense of belongings is our philosophy in keeping our products grow in the market from time to time till nowadays.

We truly realize that competition is a main part that will make the products grow and aware, thus a behavior of critism is purely needed. Thus, we almost welcome any critism to us.

Last but not least, we would be very glad that our customers would like to visit our website.
We believe that you will be satisfied with our presence and so is the service.

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