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    Thoughts and Experiences
    developed in the line with technology and modern
    tools equipped for the optimum works and results.

ABOUT Prima Tata Daya

Prima Tata Daya, in the mile stone of 11 years, is an experienced company who  provides a thought  of integrated engineering solutions for Palm Oil Mill Industries . The main focus of the company is the automation engineering which involves in steam engineering , mechanical engineering, electrical and control engineering and in the end to give comprehensive control solution for steriliser in major and others in minor related .

In  the time goes, our company also specialises in Kernel Recovery Plant which provides :

  • pneumatic separation
  • pneumatic transport and pneumatic ventilation
  • Products developed in Blower/Fan and finned heating coils.

Thoughts and Experiences developed in  the line with technology and modern tools equipped for the optimum works and results.

In the advance for Steriliser and Make Up Valve Control , we team up with Forbes Marshall and some recognized control engineering companies. The scope of jobs awarded shall include the gound-works to end-works where steam and hydraulic control shall corporate and teamed up. 

While for Blower is equipped with insitu balancing machine and workshop balancing machine for accurate dynamic results.

Predicting pressure loss shall be calculated theoritically and proved by pitot tube instrument.

Company shall improve himself to meet demands and results and work in the entire demand of regions.  


Menjadi perusahaan swasta nasional terdepan dan berkembang secara berkesinambungan dalam bidang automation engineering, fan dan heater, di Industri pabrik minyak kelapa sawit baik upstream dan downstream.



  1. Mengintegrasikan expertise perusahaan, sumber daya manusia yang kompeten dan teknologi terkini.
  2. Menerapkan best practice business yang flexible dan friendly.
  3. Mengupgrade kompetensi sumber daya manusia ke level sertifikasi profesi.
  4. Meningkatkan level customer satisfaction awareness.
  5. Menerapkan corporate culture (integrity, innovation, creativity, open minded dan humanity).