• High Pressure Control Valve

    High Pressure Control Valve

Exhibit Product Description :

KEYVALVE is a manufacturer of high quality Butterfly Valves and Control Valves. All KEYVALVE products are manufactured in accordance to European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (Module H) and KEYVALVE is certified in accordance with TUV ISO 9001:2008. 

KEYVALVE Butterfly Valves are available in (stainless steel, cast steel, ductile iron and cast iron), Valve seats are available in PTFE+EPDM and HT-EPDM. Working temperature range works from -20 to +150 (degree Celsius), pressure rating available at 1.0MPa or 1.6MPa, size available from DN50 to DN500. 

KEYVALVE Control Valves are ideal for steam and hot oil applications and specially built for textile dyeing and finishing machinery, materials availalbe (stainless steel, cast steel, ductile iron), models for maximum working temperature at 250, or 350, or up to 400 (degree celsius), pressing rating available at PN10, or PN16, or up to PN100.