• Steam Trap

    Steam Trap

Compact Module - Thermodynamic

The Forbes Marshall Compact Module - THermodynamic Trap CMTD62M-S  CMTD62M-F is designed with an inbuilt bypass valve for high pressure steam applications up to 61 bar g.
Replaceable trap internals and inbuilt strainer eases inline maintenance. The CMTD62M-S / CMTD62m-F has an integral up steam piston valve which isolates the upstream piping of the steam trap.
its full version (CMTD62M-F) has added features such as a downstream piston valve that helps isolates the module from downstream piping and to check the trap conditon a trap test valve is also provided.
Sizes and Pipe Connection
DN 15,20 Socket Weldable end connection
Note: Avaible with IBR certificate on request

Limiting Conditions

Body design conditions

ANSI 600

PMA Max. Allowable pressure

103 bar g @930C

TMA Max. Allowable temperature

5350C. @ 42.5 bar g

PMO Max. Operating pressure

625 bar g @ 4820 C

TMO Max. Operating temperature

5250C. @ 42.7 bar g

Minimum allowable temperature


Max. Operating back pressure

80% of upstream pressure

Cold hydraulic test pressure

155 bar g