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Drying of Crops/Seeds/Grains. Industrial Process Application

EASTFORCE Steam Coil type  with copper Tubes and Corrugated Aluminium fins. It has precision die formed and caps and extruded tube holes increase brazed joint strength for years of leak free service. Heavy weight steel or brass threaded inlet and outlet connections for strength and durability.

Standard Material Specifications :
-Tube      : Copper ( ø 16 mm ( ø 5/8” ) x 1.2 mm Thickness ) no welded U-bend
-Fins        : Aluminium Corrugated Single Wave Pattern (0.2 thickness)
-Fins Pitch : 3mm
-Frame     : G.I Sheet ( 1.5 mm thickness )
-Header    : Carbon Steel BSP screwed male Type Connection
-Warranty : 1 year from date of delivery against manufacturing defect on conditions that there is no vibration and water logging

Design Pressure and Temperature

Coil shall be designed to withstand 150 psig steam pressure at 1840C. All Coils are leak tested under minimum air pressure of 225 psig and submerged underwater tested using N2 at 3Mpa. 


Types are given according the dimensions of the heater, for instance :
Type EF 24/32/2R/P- 2” :
24 : Represents 24 inch which equals to 600 mm height
32 : Represents 32 inch which equals to 800 mm length
2R : Represents 2 rows of tubes
2P : Represents 2 numbers of Passes
2” : Represents the header size in screwed connection.


-    Other size of heater can be manufactured in customized size according to costumer’s inquiry
-    Besides the standard material stated, other special material can be fabricated as well to suit the application.


Please State reference in tube materials, directions, Airflow Volume, Steam Pressure,
Air Inlet and Outlet Temperature.


A. (Multi) Rows / Multi Passes

  • EF 24/24/2R/2P- 11/4"
  • EF 24/32/2R/2P- 2"
  • EF 24/39/2R/2P- 2"
  • EF 24/63/2R/2P- 21/2"
  • EF 32/34/2R/2P- 2"
  • EF 39/39/2R/2P- 21/2"
  • EF 39/39/3R/2P- 21/2"
  • EF 39/47/2R/2P- 21/2"
  • EF 39/63/2R/2P- 21/2"

B. (Multi) Rows / Single Pass

  • SC 39/39/2R/1P- 21/2
  • SC 39/39/3R/1P- 3"
  • SC 42/42/2R/1P- 21/2