• Steriliser Automation

    Steriliser Automation

Steriliser Automation 

Multi Modes Of Operation System

- Fully automatic (F.A) (Inter-Sterillizer Sequential Interlock System)
- Partial Automatic (P.A) (Stand-Alone Sterillizer Sequential System)
- Manual (Selector Swicth Manual System)
- Manual (Mechanical-Pneumatic Bypas System)
- Manual (Mechanical Handwheel or Lever System)

Easy Programming

Full programmable for multi-speak Sterillizer process by colourful touch screen Interface Display (HMI)

Enhanced Memory Capacity

Each controller can be loaded with 4 process programs and max. 20 steps of operation

Maintenance Free Solidstate Door Safety Sensor

To ensure minimum downtime

Sequential Interlock

Sequential Interlock between Sterillizer to prevent sudden demand of steam

Intelligent PLC

To cater future expansion and back pressure steam management

Integrated AVR and Surge Protector

To prevent voltage unstability

4 programmable Sterillizer recipe to handle different fruit ripeness.
Each recipe consist of up to 20 programmable steps where the valves operation can be set independently in each step either time or pressure base. Automatic presure compensation and preliminary heating process option for effetive steam usage and Sterillization.
Integrated redundancy system with isolated manual valve operation.
Built in pressure, valve and Sterillizer door interlocking for safe and guided operation.
Built on powerdul SCADA system provide user with highly interactive visualization.
Intgrated database system provide comprehensive and detail reports at each batch of Sterillization cycle.